Fleet and Technology

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LD Ports & Logistics, a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs' (LDA) specialist subsidiary for all Logistics and Port Operations. We design and operate your most complex maritime logistics projects.

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In the early stages of the project, we conceptualize maritime logistics solutions and bring a comprehensive analysis of productivity, annual throughput and risk. The engineering and professional capabilities of our team enables to address maritime challenges with confidence and designing barging and transshipment solutions perfectly adapted to the constraints of each project and able to secure targeted objectives through cost effective solution.

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LD Ports & Logistics used to fully own a shipyard exclusively dedicated to build logistics and transshipment assets to serve the company needs for different types of commodities. LDPL has thus an extensive experience in shipbuilding and has forged strong relationships with major industry partners and world class shipyards all around the world.

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Operation and Maintenance

It is in the operational capabilities of LD Ports & Logistics that we demonstrate the adequacy of the solutions we designed and leveraged our 160-year experience as vessel operators. Our ability to reliably and efficiently manage local operations, including barging and transshipment vessels, is the key to the success we share with our clients.

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