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LD Ports & Logistics, a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs' (LDA) specialist subsidiary for all Logistics and Port Operations. We design and operate your most complex maritime logistics projects.

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LD Ports & Logistics

have developed and implemented specific mining logistics and transhipment solutions adapted to the Mining industry

Design, build and operate efficient and innovative mining logistics solutions

Mines are the starting point of the commodities’ supply chain. LD Ports & Logistics has developed and implemented specific mining logistics and transhipment solutions adapted to the Mining industry. LD Ports & Logistics’ focus is to design, build and operate efficient and innovative technical answers to cope with today’s mining logistics issues; these solutions will help unlock value and make Brownfield and Greenfield projects both operationally feasible and economically viable.

Customize logistics solutions to each individual operation

Such solutions are based on our extensive mining logistics skills acquired over years of experience in complex areas of operation such as Indonesia, India or Colombia.  Our integration of design, building and operations capabilities gives us the ability to customize logistics solutions to suit your inventory and procurement requirements; for example, barging might require shallow draft barges or self-propelled barges to accommodate river bends etc. This unique ability to manage integrated maritime mining logistics projects - from design to execution of operations on the field – allows us to create highly customized maritime solutions for the mining groups we operate with.

Partnership with mining companies through all the phases of their development

Our involvement in designing and delivering operations gives us the confidence to approach mining companies as long-term partners. LDPL adopts a whole-of-lifecycle approach in our partnership with mining companies through all the phases of their development:

  • Prefeasibility Study
  • Bankable Feasibility Study
  • Engineering, Construction and Procurement
  • Operations and maintenance

Through this deep and early involvement with the mining companies, LDPL allow to best incorporate the essential mining logistics issue and successfully tackle all the engineering concerns, while enhancing the ability to finalize the solution in an accelerated timeline.

Reliable and economically efficient solutions

We believe in the reliability and economic efficiency of our solutions and are able to co-invest with our clients in the solutions we develop. This partnership approach aligns incentives between the mining company and the mining logistics operator and ensures promises are delivered.

“Mine to ship” logistics operations

We have developed unique port knowhow “mine to ship” logistics solutions adapted to overcoming natural and technical constraints in ports logistics without having to make costly infrastructure investments. Our highly reliable services in transhipment and barging aim at enabling exporters to continue developing their mining activity in areas where conventional ports facilities are insufficient.

Overcoming the  operational constraints and strict safety procedures compliance

Depending on the maturity and operational constraints, as well as the volumes produced, these mining logistics solutions include a range of floating transhipment units such as: high-capacity floating cranes, transhippers, tugs and barges, large capacity and shallow draft self-propelled barges. Our solutions are designed so as to minimize the environmental impact and comply with the most stringent environmental protection standards set by the major international certification agencies including IMO, MARPOL, IOPP and ISPP. The handling systems includes dust suppression devices such as anti-spillage plates, fully-enclosed grabs and high pressurized jets to contain dust particles and provide an environment friendly mining logistics solutions.

LD Ports and logistics has built its knowledge on over 100 years of experience, optimizing solutions for our mining clients.  In all the maritime logistics projects in which we have been entrusted, we have endeavoured to help our clients take full advantage of resources, proving expertise, innovation and ability to react.