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LD Ports & Logistics, a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs' (LDA) specialist subsidiary for all Logistics and Port Operations. We design and operate your most complex maritime logistics projects.

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LD Ports & Logistics

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  • Transshipment: Iron Ore, India

    Project Name: Transshipment : Iron Ore, India
    Range of activity: Transshipment

    Location : Goa, India
    Subsidiary name: Marine Infrastructure Goa (MIG)

    LD Ports & Logistics led iron ore fines transhipment operations in Goa, India in a joint-venture with the mining company Fomento from 2007 to 2013, loading capsize and panamaxes under off-shore conditions. LDPL designed, built, and operated 3 Floating Crane Transhipper Units in Goa for the transhipment of 8,000,000 tonnes per annum in a short period of 8 months during the off monsoon season. The third FCTU, MV Miramar, was delivered in September 2011 to sustain exportations improvements in the area. The 3 FCTU were simultaneously used on a single ocean going vessel, demonstrating transhipment rate above 75,000 tonnes per day. Operation was interrupted due to the government ban on iron ore exports in 2013.


  • Transshipment: Coal, Colombia

    Project Name: Transshipment : Coal, Colombia
    Range of activity: Transshipment

    Location : Colombia

    LD Ports & Logistics was the first Colombian operator for offshore coal transhipment back in 1992, operating in Santa Marta for 20 years. LDPL worked with major mining companies such as Glencore, Prodeco and Vale to operate and manage a fleet of 8 floating cranes, handling about 15 million tonnes of coal per annum to sustain Colombian coal export. Specific ocean going mooring systems were implemented to allow the off-shore loading of capsizes. Transhipment operations stopped in 2013 when the government enforced a law for mining companies to build a deep sea port.


  • Transshipment: Iron Ore, Sierra Leone

    Project Name: Transshipment: Iron Ore, Sierra Leone
    Range of activity: Transshipment

    Location: Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Subsidiary name: LD Ports & Logistics SL

    LD Ports & Logistics was appointed by London Mining to perform transhipment of iron ore off Freetown, Sierra Leone. LDPL mobilized their latest Floating Crane Transhipper Unit MV Miramar (32MT safe working load), designed and built by LDPL in 2011. The transhipment vessel, targeting a net loading rate of more than 20,000 tons per day, celebrated one year of operation achieving “zero down time”. Operations have been stopped following the bankruptcy of London Mining in 2014. LD Ports & Logistics continued transhipment operations after having enforced safety measure to cope with EVD until the mining activity was completely stopped.


  • Transshipment: Bauxite, Dominican Republic

    Project Name: Transhipment - Bauxite, Dominican Republic
    Range of activity: Transhipment

    Location:  Dominican Republic
    Subsidiary name: Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

    LD Ports and logistics provided an interim transhipment solution for bauxite in Dominican Republic in 2013. Bauxite transhipment operations were performed by a floating crane mobilized from Colombia after the coal transhipment terminal in Santa Marta was closed.


  • Barging: Coal, Indonesia

    Project Name: Barging : Coal, Indonesia
    Range of activity: Coal Transportation

    Location : Indonesia
    Subsidiary name: PT Sinarmas LDA Maritime (SLM)

    LD Ports & Logistics has been transporting coal for more than 15 years, between Tanah Merah Coal Terminal in Kalimantan and a power plant located in East Java, Indonesia on a round trip of about 1,000NM. LDPL operates self-propelled barges that have been designed and built to serve the project under a long term agreement to dispatch 2 million metric tonnes per annum to the coal-fired power plant. LDPL is also in charge of chartering and operating additional sets of tugboat and barges to provide short term operational flexibility to the coal-fired power plant.


  • Port Operations: Coal, Indonesia

    Project Name: Port Operations : Coal, Indonesia
    Range of activity: Port operations

    Location : Paiton, Indonesia
    Subsidiary name: Maritime Batubara Pertama (MBP)

    LD Ports & Logistics has been in charge of facilities operations and maintenance that encompasses all the broad spectrum of services of coal handling for a coal-fired power plant in Paiton, Indonesia for more than 15 years. LD Ports & Logistics has demonstrated performance and reliability on this contract, originally signed in 2000 and renewed twice, in 2006 and 2014. Today LDPL discharges 8,000,000mt of coal per annum operating 4 jetty cranes and 2 tugboats to perform operations and feed the power plant stockpile. Coal is supplied by traditional sets of tugs and barges as well as self-propelled barges owned and operated by LD Ports & Logistics.


  • Port Operations: Dry Bulk, India

    Project Name: Port Operations : Dry Bulk, India
    Range of activity: Port Operations

    Location : India
    Subsidiary name: ABG LDA

    LD Ports and logistics, through LDA, established a joint venture with ABG ports to conduct port operations in India. ALBA now handles cargo in four existing bulk terminals along the Indian coast: Mangalore, Paradip, Haldia and Vizag. In addition, LDPL handles a total of 10 million tons of bulk per annum with ten cranes, the majority of cargo being coal and iron ore, ensuring a reliable supply to power stations and steelworks.

    ALBA has also been awarded two 30 years concession contracts to build and operate terminals in ports of Tuticorin and Vizag. These two projects are to be commissioned in 2013. They will have a respective capacity of 14 Mmtpa and 6 Mmtpa, mostly coal. The entire spectrum of logistical services will be available to offer an integrated-package to port users.


  • Port Operations: Dry Bulk, France

    Project Name: Port Operations : Dry Bulk, France
    Range of activity: Port Operations

    Location : Cherbourg, France
    Subsidiary name: Cherbourg Terminal Vrac (CTV)

    LD Ports & Logistics has invested and developed a dry bulk terminal in Cherbourg, offering a wide range of services to the French industry and vessels heading to England. The health and safety of the local residences and preserving the environment is at the heart of all our operations for this project. LDPL monitors and controls possible impacts of coal outside the terminal, mitigating dangerous activities and environmental damage. CTV provides services in the unloading of diverse cargos, including coal, snow clearing salt, petroleum coke, or aggregates, to the French industry.