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LD Ports & Logistics, a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs' (LDA) specialist subsidiary for all Logistics and Port Operations. We design and operate your most complex maritime logistics projects.

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Coal Logistics

LD Ports & Logistics

provides solutions to your coal logistics requirements that ensure safe and reliable coal handling operations, even with high moisture content products.

A history of reliable and efficient partnership

Coal is an essential resource for economic development, and is showing significant growth in production and exchanges around the world. LD Ports & Logistics has more than 25 years of experience performing maritime coal logistics, offering reliable and efficient solutions for mining companies and commodity users worldwide.

Innovative transhipment solutions

LDPL and LDA group were the first to operate Floating Cranes in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Innovative solutions that served the transhipment of Coal for PT Adaro more than two decades ago are still in operation today, demonstrating their reliability and scalability. Since then, LDPL has implemented many coal logistics operations in various parts of the world, including Indonesia, India, Columbia and Romania. With this wealth of experience, LPDL has achieved extensive knowledge and an excellent reputation in coal logistics.

Integrated solutions that optimize your business processes

LDPL is your partner that delivers integrated solutions to address your most demanding challenges in coal logistics. Dealing with all aspects of your business, LDPL’s design and engineering teams use their knowledge acquired over many years to design and construct reliable and efficient coal logistics operations that aim to avoid anticipated supply bottlenecks. LDPL operates in all maritime sectors, from coal mines and trading houses upstream to thermal power plants and steel manufacturers downstream.

Reliable and efficient customized solutions

LDPL works with you to create customized solutions for all cargo types. In coal logistics, LDPL can specify solutions that are uniquely designed for coal transportation, coal transhipment and port management of coal terminals. The solutions are engineered to ensure highly reliable and efficient operations in the most challenging areas of the globe, including Indonesia, India and Colombia. The consistency in the quality delivered by LDPL makes it a world-renowned coal logistics company.

Strict safety procedures compliance

LDPL designs and conducts its coal logistics operations with strict adherence to safety procedures. The solutions LDPL provides to your coal logistics requirements ensure safe and reliable handling operations, even with high moisture content products. LDPL has supported many challenging projects in coal logistics, dedicating the creativity and maritime experience of its teams to implementing technological breakthroughs and allowing major developments and growth in the coal market.