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LD Ports & Logistics, a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs' (LDA) specialist subsidiary for all Logistics and Port Operations. We design and operate your most complex maritime logistics projects.

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Port Operations

LD Ports & Logistics

is able to provide efficient and reliable services in port operations and maintenance; leading experienced stevedoring crews and skilled crane operators to combine performance and safety in all on-shore port operations.

A haven with facilities for berthing and anchoring ships and providing equipment for transfer of goods

Ports required long-term, expensive and specialized investment and resources that must be carefully selected and designed to efficiently address the needs for the maritime transport. To ensure smooth port operations, it is inevitable to regularly upgrade the port’s physical infrastructure and the port operations to prevailing standards. The local commercial attitude, practice and laws can differ largely between locations. LDPL uses its core expertise in implementing and operating private port for coal-fired power plant and barge loading berth for transhipment terminals to overcome the challenges of port operations.

LD Ports & Logistics provides efficient and reliable services in port operations. The early intervention of designing the most appropriate civil engineering features and selecting the ideal equipment to meet the prevailing standards ensures the provision of a smooth operation from the start. With the experience of a ship-owner, LDPL ensures that the port built can effectively facilitate the ship/shore interface and function as an efficient hub to integrate the sea and shore logistics.

The harbour master's office

Navigation safety for vessels is of prime significance in the context of port utilisation. The harbour master's office safeguards the constant safety of shipping through the use of navigation management measures. Many parameters are to be taken into account in port operations. LDPL takes care of the biggest factors which include tide variation, under keel clearance, MetOcean conditions and vessel traffic coordination. We also deploy assistance tugboats to manoeuvre the vessel into the port.

Performance and safety in on-shore port operations

Once the vessel is safely moored at port, LDPL dispatches its experienced stevedoring crews and skilled crane operators who combine performance and safety in all the on-shore port operations. LDPL coordinates with the vessel’s master and share the responsibility in the safe execution of the ship loading and unloading sequence.

A reliable and well maintained port management platform

The LDPL teams provide a reliable port management platform, with extensive experience in all aspects of jetty operations, including vessel berthing using harbour tugs and mooring gangs as well as cargo loading and discharging using shore cranes. Particular attention is paid to the maintenance of discharging equipment to ensure port operations can be lead in an efficient, safe and reliable way.

  • Facilitating arrival and departure of ships (or barges)
  • Providing the necessary navigational aids and vessel traffic separation
  • Providing pilotage, tugging and mooring activities
  • Controlling and efficiently managing the use of berth
  • Loading, discharging, storage and efficient distribution of the cargo
  • Facilitating the supply chain logistics and management of the overall process


High safety standards

We pride ourselves on delivering reliable port operations services to our clients, whilst operating with the highest standards of safety and quality that comply with OHSAS and ISO safety measures.