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LD Ports & Logistics, a Louis Dreyfus Armateurs' (LDA) specialist subsidiary for all Logistics and Port Operations. We design and operate your most complex maritime logistics projects.

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Coal Transshipment

LD Ports & Logistics

have designed and implemented innovative solutions in coal transshipment to serve both the mining industry and thermal power stations.

In order to meet the ever growing demand for coal handling, LD Ports and Logistics has designed and implemented innovative solutions in coal transhipment to serve both the mining industry and coal-fired power plants.


A history of innovative solutions and customized operations tools

LDPL understands all challenges involved in coal transhipment; we are experienced ship-owners and have successfully been involved in transhipment operations in various parts of the world including Indonesia, Colombia, India and Sierra Leone. The Louis Dreyfus Armateurs group was the first company to bring the concept of transhipment to Indonesia in the 1990s. We have been consistently developing innovative solutions ever since, to deliver reliability and efficiency in coal transhipment. Our approach is to customize the best operations tools to develop long term solutions for a sustainable progress.

Comprehensive and holistic solutions for your coal transhipment project

With this ability to provide integrated maritime solutions, LDPL can address any coal transhipment project in a holistic manner. LDPL is your partner at every step with comprehensive solutions that include:

  • Transhipment by floating cranes or transhipper
  • Sustainable supply of barges in sync with transhipper throughput and stockpile capacity
  • Loading or unloading capacity of jetty conveyors


An optimized and reliable solutions-driven approach

Performance and reliability is the key to LDPL’s solutions-driven approach, and have led to the design of highly optimized coal transhipment solutions that give clients a competitive edge.

Compliance to high safety standards of coal dust control

Coal handling is also associated with the risk of generated dust where large quantity could be released from displaced coal. Controlling coal dust is vital to worker and environmental safety. The transhipment operation by LDPL is designed and operated to meet the highest environmental standards. LDPL limits coal dust emission by developing and utilizing a wide range of techniques to manage, control and prevent coal dust during coal transhipment operations.

Utilization of clamshell enclosed grabs and sealed lip plates

LDPL coal transhipment vessels utilise fully clamshell enclosed grabs and high resistance sealed lip plates to prevent fugitive emissions and air pollution during operations. This solution minimizes dust pollution, material loss and cargo spillage during coal transhipment operation.

Utilization of anti-pollution plates

Anti-pollution plates between barges and hopper substantially reduces coal losses on water or on terminal during coal transhipment. This technology not only solves critical dust emission issues but also pays its way with economic benefits accruing in the form of reduction in clean-up and coal loss.

The innovation of an atomized fresh water spray system

In the wake of a higher requirement for stringent compliance and control of coal dust emission for Hassyan Clean Coal Power plant project in Dubai, UAE, LD Ports & Logistics has developed an atomized fresh water spray system for controlling and suppressing airborne dust emission during coal transhipment operations.

A high-performing coal transhipment partner for competitive, environment friendly and reliable coal handling solutions

These equipment and technology allow LDPL to serenely provide performing and efficient environment friendly coal transhipment, demonstrating high transhipment rate in loading as well as unloading all types of vessels, including Capesize. Coal-fired power plant supply and coal mines must be able to rely on a high-performing transhipment partner. LDPL is your ideal partner that ensures you a competitive, environment friendly and reliable coal handling solutions.